Eerie Petals

June 1, 2012
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The flaming sun beats down on me,
as I walk through this graveyard,
and I spot you on the green ground.
Your white plastic petals flowing in the cool breeze.

I pick you up with carefulness,
awing over your bright plastic shine.
Somewhere in the back of my spaceless mind,
you are nowhere near an ordinary kind.

I place you on my worn outside table,
getting this eerie feeling,
as though something inside you is staring down on me,
and it’s many angry feelings.

I awake the next sunny morning,
with a drowsy couple hours of sleep.
As I gaze at you,
with the bright light of the window burning my eyes,
I’m sure that now I want to lose you.

I bash the door open and sprint to the mushy yard.
The squash of the water under my feet,
leads to the dark woods behind my home.
A for sale sign on a tree nearest to the road.

I stake out a place to bury my white flower treasure,
and come upon one with dry dirt around.
With a swift movement of my hand,
I grab a clump of dirt and shove the flower in,
Never to see it again.

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