June 1, 2012
By , Temecula, CA
The rain is falling.
plish plosh plish plosh
downward and downward
to my upturned face
why do they fall at this pace?
creating tears
where there were none

little diamonds blur my eyes;
I can not view the skies
A mantle of mist, smothers
plish plosh plish plosh
making my world awash with color
bleed and bleed and bleed—
till there is none left,
only a gray that
no one wants to see

they are lenses to the world
plish plosh plish plosh
yet warped, so swirled
A person says white.
another, this is black
neither black nor white
not monochrome
shades of gray

water still splashes
plish plosh plish plosh
tears of angels
crying for naught
slowly they dry their
eyes. and. Aurora. lets
down her hair…
Rapunzel, letting the prince
climb onto the rainbow
or rainbow/tower
Who knows?

i see a statue
plish plosh—splash
it is confined, reach out
touch. shatter. we broke the
shell that you call:
as the pieces float away
your smile is like a flower

the wind breathes in my ear
shhh shhh shhh shhh
rain has left
our world is not a void of
no color
don’t cry alone.
take hand in hand
together we will
rainbow of people

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