You'll Never Know

June 1, 2012
What if this was all just a lie?
What if you were just a distraction?
What if I promised things
That I intended to break?
You would never know
If I played the part well enough.

What if this love was false?
What if you were just a detour?
What if I’m only here
Until she calls me back?
I would leave you
In the blink of an eye.

What if I were gone?
What if you were still here?
What if I left you,
Standing here alone,
Lonely, longing for a love
That never existed?

What if this was never true?
What if you really always knew?
What if you didn't cry
When I ran away,
Back to her and
Back to a happiness without you?

What if this is all just a lie?
What if you’re just a distraction?
What If I promise things
I intend to break?
You’ll never know
Because I play the part so well.

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