This is My Life

June 1, 2012
You beat me down
And told me it wouldn't happen,
That those dreams and wishes of mine were just fantasy; they were just hope

You made me feel like scum
I was no good for anything

You told me that life after high school is different;
I'd be stuck in this city of complainers,
Working the back at a fast food joint most likely;
The stench of greasy fries stained in my boring uniform,
Which make all the employees look like robots

You spoke over me, giving me no voice at all-
I'd try to tell you I'll see the world one day, maybe even change it if I could,
I'd go to college, get an education
I would go to cities to dedicate my time to teaching the less fortunate

All you did was laugh,
You know,
I tried to ignore you; act like what you said didn't bother me
When it really ate away at me

Now, I hope you see that you were wrong-
It's my turn to speak,
Those dreams and wishes, those so called "hopeful" thoughts of mine,
Are real

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