June 1, 2012
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Remember, remember,
The sixth of December,
The tears that Recklessness wrought.
I know of no reason,
In bitterest seasons,
These live should be forgot.
For Amanda and her friends
Were of Forever deprived.
If not for such events, they would
Still be alive.
Fearlessly, they followed not
The words that elders did bestow,
But instead followed each other
From one darkness to another.
Came endlessly,
While Angels came gracefully,
Taking two
From screaming sirens,
Flashing red and blue.
The tears, the tears, may disappear
As moments turn to long-lost years,
But we shall hold their memories dear.
Always, always, the Recklessness replays.
Forever, forever, still remember,
Even to this day.

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