Young Gem

June 1, 2012
By Tynesha BRONZE, BROWNDEER, Wisconsin
Tynesha BRONZE, BROWNDEER, Wisconsin
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Picture this a young girl addicted to success
She wants it so bad but she is distressed.
A life full of the glitz and glamour
She going to conquer the world, you don’t have to let her.
The money, clothes, cars you can fathom,
Her life in your hands, go ahead and grab them.
Her hands are so precious, like diamond-encrusted jewelry
So extract and moving. You can’t see through it.
The young girl trying so hard to be accepted.
But in the end all of here hard work is dejected.
Cause at the end those people never recepted.
The hard work she put in, It was always neglected.
So she went home cried her eyes and asked for acceptance.
The only bad part about it, her feelings grew hectic.
Looking back she would have never projected
Cause it made her esteem sink, low as tank s***.
but she is such a young gemini, her feelings will always sway side to side

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