They laugh

June 1, 2012
By ThatOnePerson BRONZE, New Brighton, Minnesota
ThatOnePerson BRONZE, New Brighton, Minnesota
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They laugh at my clothes

They laugh at my hair

They laugh at my height

They are the hyena.

Giggling uncontrollably as I pass

They think i’m short, plain, and boring.

How would they know, they have never taken the time

to talk, to get to know me.

Hyenas are loud and mean

there is no difference that I see

between the two.

They are the hyena.

Laughing on the hill they created

Out of fear and sadness,

They cut us all down

To build themselves up.

The nasty looks they shoot me as I pass

They try to get in my head

they try to make me feel bad

when I look at myself in the mirror

They make me feel worthless

whenever they pounce

smirking behind my back

they are the hyena

Do they know?

how far the laughing goes

If laughter is the best medicine

then they must be cured of every disease

They are the ones

who makes girls puke

they don’t do it on purpose

They only do it to make them look good

So they laugh


whenever you are in earshot


They secretly want to be you

to have real friends

to be really liked for who they are

not who they wish they were

So they laugh

The author's comments:
This is the sad truth.

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