Basketball is a Gift

June 4, 2012
By tristanJ1 BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
tristanJ1 BRONZE, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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Swoosh as I hit a foul shot
The ball screams down the court
The big ball bounces blissfully down the court
Players shoot and score
They get the rebound and hit the floor
Basketball players are like, giants in the sky
Different times like, high school, College, then NBA
The gift of being in the NBA
It’s a prize to play
The team colors flare
The big shots made and missed
March Madness is the time of basketball
They all go for the same prize
A championship, the hard work paid off
The tip and jump start to the game
The players get pumped and all hope for fame
The ball is the heart, making the players play
The hands are the brains

The author's comments:
Me playing basketball,im tall.I love basketball.

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