Home Is With You

May 26, 2012
By kristen_98 GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
kristen_98 GOLD, Milton, New Hampshire
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A single drop
That’s all it takes
My sadness and fears
Are slowly being washed out
One by one
I drop down on the barn floor
Landing in the hay scraps and dirt
That traveled in here on someone’s shoe
I hug my knees to my chest
Burying my face in the safety of them
Even though I can’t separate
The sound of my sobs
The rain splattering on the roof
Or the horses’ gentle nickers
I can still tell it’s his footsteps
Walking through that big red door
I can tell he’s trailing dirt and mud inside
And I can tell he’s taking off his drenched cap
And running his wet hand through his hair
I can tell he’s coming closer
And even though I everything I see is a blur
I see his hand touch my face
I feel his hand on my lips
Tracing my features
When he reaches my eyes
He wipes away every single tear
When he wraps his arms around me
And pulls me close
I no longer feel lost
I am home

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