The Worst Drug

May 25, 2012
By JeremyR BRONZE, Davie, Florida
JeremyR BRONZE, Davie, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
roll up your sleeves.

She puts the needle in my arm and pushes.
Taking over my life, not allowing me to make my own decisions. Controlling all my actions with a smile and a giggle .
I need to break free. I need to say "NO", But how can I with all her innocenes starring into my eyes directly at my soul. I need to cloes my eyes.
I need to wake up.

The author's comments:
this poem is about how love can control ones actions. like making people do crazy things becuase they want to be with someone. "controling all my actions witha smile and a giggle..." that part is when you try to say no and not love that person anymore but you cant becuase their feature that you love are staring right at you.

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