June 1, 2012
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I am from pink

from smelling like fruity

hairspray to enjoying a day

with my barbies.

I am now dressed in black

and not smelling like hairspray

but smelling like lotion that smells like

bubble gum.I think to myself have I changed.

I am from being told by

my mom “get your hair out of you

face” and my dad agrees.

I am from rock music

that my parents cant understand

as my parents yell “turn that down”.

I am from out standing

colors of beads that are so big

it covers my wrist to died hair that

is dark purple to black finger nails and

eye liner that is really thick around ,y eyes and dark .

I am from a mother who was

a foster child, who try's her hardest

to get her kids better things then what she

had as a child even with the little money we have now.

I am from a father who tells me

his crazy stories and tells his kids he

wants his kids to do better then him in every way.

I am from a family that moves a lot

because we don't have enough money to

stay In one spot I get so frustrated because

I hate moving all the time.

I am from where family comes

first and it always will no matter what.

I am from being shy and quiet

to being called weird by other people

that don't even know, me they just judge

before they even get to know the real me.

I am from being bullied

in elementary school by kids

because of my weight and how I looked.

I am from being the only

one In my family of five to graduate and

I am proud of it as my dad tells me “I want

you to finish school and graduate and do good”

Which makes me happy because I know that my family

believes in me and will push me to succeed at all my goals.

I am that girl that will try her
hardest to finish something and never

give up on anything that any one can rely

because they know I will never give up.

I am just me and no one can

ever change that

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