My Life Seen Through My Eyes

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

I am from waiting for a call, waiting for a text

I am from acting like “everything is fine”

when deep down it kills me

I am from loving you

even though I know that the feelings aren't mutual.

I am from lies, tears, and hope

I waited but never again?

I am from hot bubbly baths in the kitchen;

from my tia doing my hair different each day.

I am from Catholics

from “Peace be with you”

I am from my grandfather

whom when I was little

I would cry begging him not to leave!

I am from loving my grandfather

a person who lives two separate lives

hundreds of miles away from each other

I am from knowing he breaks a commandment each day

so much for being a “religious” man!

I am from a loving and caring set of parents

who support me in everything I plan to do in life.

I am from my two best-friends

the sisters -I never had-

the shoulders I cry on

the ones who stand by me no matter what.

I am from a forest

where the white tail deer

roam wild and free

but who is scared of me!

I am from is the deer in my range?

It may be a little to far

should I just take a shot?

What to do?


I am from scorching summer days,

laying out by the refreshing pool

trying to get that perfect sun kissed tan.

I am from Hawaii's beautiful sunsets;

with warm sand in between my finger-like toes

I am from hearing the waves crash onto the land

and it is a sight to see!

I am from the tropical fish that look so bizarre

the hot sun beating on my back

I am from wondering what it is like to live in the ocean?

I am from blood, sweat, and tears

countless hours in the gym,

just to have that sweet taste of victory

and to declare myself a champion!

I am from conscious thoughts

am I good enough?

should I use this move or maybe this one

when i'm not working to be better

I know that there is someone somewhere else who is!

I am from an ice cold gatorade

a drink that replenishes my body and muscles,

after an extremely difficult work out or after an intense game.

I am from a tied championship game;

with seat dripping down the side of my face

10 seconds left

everything is on the line, its all or -nothing-




I am from priceless memories

from people who I'll never forget

and mights that I'll always remember.

I am from the belief in myself

that I'll be someone someday

not another girl who did nothing with “her” life!

I am from my hero

the person I can turn to for anything

who won't tell a soul,

a special bond who I will have with no one else

I am from my hero

who I will love and cherish forever!

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