Doing My Best

June 1, 2012
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I am from my average mom
Who cares enough to make sure I’m ok,
But not enough to really support me.

I am from my horrible father
Who can see me in the store
and walk away.
Who doesn’t really care, but pretends.
Who only knows me
When it’s convenient for him.

I am from doing my best
in school and trying
my hardest in everything I do.

I am from hardly ever hearing
“good job” or
“I’m proud of you”.

I am from thinking
I did something wrong
or that I wasn’t
good enough...

I am from putting myself out there
only to get shot down.
I am from trying so hard to
find myself, that I only got
Lost in the process.

I am from trying
even harder to be noticed
When it seems like
I’m invisible

I am from locking myself up.
My ever inviting room.
Just so i won’t have to
hear It anymore.

I am from being afraid
to be myself.
Trying so hard to be different.
I was just another clone.

I am from putting a smile on my face,
no matter how I feel that day.
I am from trying to be happy
no matter how much the cruel world
is bringing me down.

I am from realizing, people will judge
Regardless of who you are.
I am from forgetting my fears
And finally being able to be myself.

I am from a “friend”
who was never happy for me.
Who was never proud when
I accomplished the seemingly impossible!

I am from real friends
who believe in me.
Who thought I was amazing
with my big accomplishment.

I am from amazing Orchestra.
Where No One is judged.
Where if you put yourself out there,
You won’t get shot down.

I am from making the
right choice.
And not just the
easiest one.

I am from being
who I want
and not caring
what others think.

I am from being strong
for those I love.
And letting those I love
be strong for me.

I am from my FRIENDS
who helped me realize that
I don’t need to fit in
Because it’s so much more fun to
Stand Out.

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