The Misunderstood Value of Need

June 7, 2012
By Emily Ford SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
Emily Ford SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
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Why must we all enter the wanted fields of desire?
Filled with all anyone could ever imagine, surely that’s enough,
Though it never seems to be
Everyone in their own sea of uncontrolled longing

Where the myriad of baskets are overfilled, others are endlessly empty
Selfishly those who have it all take the entirety, even from those with none
Where your race, your family, everything you are plays a role in how much you acquire
Never not wanting, no matter how full your basket is

Unable to ever become satisfied,
Not caring for those with undersized fields
Objects are to humans as to fruit was to Eve
The full, enormous, never ending field is inescapable

The author's comments:
The main idea behind my poem, “The Misunderstood Value of Need” is about how many people misinterpret the true definition of the word need. Too often, people say “I need” where the word is often substituted for “want”. What I was mainly trying to say was how “need” is often used incorrectly and selfishly.

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