Rising Revolution

June 4, 2012
I was never born
In this war
Of opposite attraction.
We are red.
They are blue.
Our blades have clashed
Too many times.
Losing friends like tiny raindrops
To raging rivers.
Fearful people endeavor
To make your world-shaking words
Into a story.
In their stead,
You watch from the temple.
Your violet hues known for countless years,
Your somber influence to change mankind.

Nothing you can say
Could ever change my mind.
“Ideologies separate us.
Dreams and anguish bring us together.”
I’d sacrifice everything
To feel a child-like love.
It feels as if we’re caught in the rising tide,
A revolution that can change the world.
But until that day
When they can be allowed together,
I may help you,
But I still won’t like your face.

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