June 4, 2012
Silent Screams
Young child's face
Blood drawn lines
needles point.
sweet resist
pain gone
life still here.
am i alive ?
Lock me up drug me to
My pain is fun but not to you
This boy you see the name i scream
Can stop my fun let me see
The pain i cant feel my veins just popping out
the pain he stops the drug i need
HE is the drug that is addictive
He sleeps with me in my dreams
when i wake up i feel empty
i don't want it to end
i feel so cold
i cant hold on to this good feeling
Lock me down drug me up the names i
scream can stop this fuss
I cant feel this pain i can only feel this Numbness
I cant Feel you anymore
Lock me up Save my soul
Find this boy you see the name i wright
scream scratch into my arms and chest
He is the only way out
He isn't cold he is alive i want to be too
HE is my Lithium

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