To Paradise

June 3, 2012
When the sky faded into a dreary dusk
And the colors that danced so vibrantly before
Paled with the dying day
I spotted a deer
Gracefully prancing
Over the forsaken, cold Winter ground
I followed it over steep, snow covered hills
And across deep, icy ravines
Until suddenly
I was lead into
The luscious world of budding Spring
The snow merged into rolling fields of sparkling grass
And the desolate trees became adorned with various clothes of green
The heaviness of my soul was lifted
With the twitters of songbirds ahead
And magnificent flowers sprouted all around me
Swaying gently with the light breeze
I fell onto the warm ground and stared blissfully at the sky

The cold, barren ground
The gloomy, dark sky
The glorious dream around me shivered away into the growing darkness
And I was alone yet again,
My beautiful vision killed
By merciless Reality
I closed my eyes with bitter resignation
But then
I felt the hesitant, tender tap of a chilly finger on my face
And before I knew it,
I was surrounded by the presence of delicate artworks
Slowly floating down from the gray, hazy sky
As the ground embraced the gathering white blanket
And then did I realize Winter’s beauties and that
Paradise is everywhere

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