Overcoming the day

June 3, 2012
By Anonymous

As my eyes open into the freshness of morning, my mind shuts them down and takes control of everything up there, a control switch that commands everything. It begins to take a general scan of the world surrounding me, analyzing every precise detail over and over again. This scene is a complicated mix of corrupted memories, interruptions, and false information, all blocking me out of what I really need. My eyelids slowly rise above my pupils, but are instantly closed again. My mind sees so much out in the world that my body can simply not grasp, that it makes what is real and what is fake so hard to decipher. This is just how life is and always will be, as if stuck on an endlessly repeating loop. Every waking day brings something new that is still somehow just a general repeat. Things can get caught on the eternally repeating cycle of daily life, coming less and less desirable on every rotation they make to come back around, disguising themselves as different situations, always however displaying a challenge. The memory of these things in our life and the fear that they might come again can be overwhelming, which just makes life harder as more and more starts to accumulate. This is why bracing ones self to overcome obstacles in life becomes such an important ritual, that without it everything could come caving in. Overcoming obstacles whether big or small is a crucial part of any life since it leads us to greater things that are sometimes of vital importance. My mind finishes its clearance and mental battle against obstacles in my way; ready to only experience the good that comes now. Always, Mornings are repeated and consumed, but the day is young and free. Whether more obstacles come upon me in my daily journey, I know that the past is just that and I am ready to take on the now, with a blazing inner power and mindset prepared to get through anything, fueled with a built up will power from every situation when life has disagreed with me and pushed at me in every direction.

The author's comments:
This is my poem about overcoming obstacles in everyday life

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