I Love You More

June 3, 2012
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Your strength inspired us all
After many falls, you stood tall
You took what life gave you,
Smiled when everything was blue
And for that, it helped us through

Your wisdom helped me understand,
That life itself is all a plan
Through the good and the bad
Hold your head up high
Because it can all be gone with a blink of an eye

You showed us the meaning of love
And how failure was undreamed of
You gave us the sense of right and wrong
And today, that’s what makes us so strong

We kept faith and prayed
Hoping God’s plan was to have you stay
But life has its funny ways
Things changed in just one day

Honored in every way
Thought of every day
We know you’re here
Guiding us through each day, month, and year

You’ll always be remembered
As you shined like a light
Through the darkest nights
It was all we could ever ask for
And yes,
I love you more.

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