June 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Vanilla! What a wintery treat.
It is like snow tickling my tongue.
It is for the unbearable heat.
Vanilla! It calls my name like my friend peat.

I eat this ice cream every day.
It is a celebration in my mouth.
I love it more than a horse loves hay.
Vanilla! It brightens my day.
You can find it in the south.

Or should i pick chocalate my favorite snack?
Choclate! The darkest of my sweetest delights.
Once i eat choclate i can never go back. Flavors! They hit me just like a smack.
It brings my imagination to new heights.

Choclate is like my bestest friend.
It has a big voice.
In choclate there in no end.
Oh! The choices! I will have a blend.
Yes,that is my choice.

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