What We Don't Know...

June 3, 2012
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The coldness and darkness,
Makes no heart content,
The act of plagiarism,
Puts the originality up for rent,
We focus on the little things,
And let the big problems fade,
But we know in our hearts,
That no decision has been made,
We pollute the air,
With buses and cars,
We pollute our minds,
By not reaching for the stars,
We fill our brain with things that don’t matter,
We let the important things diminish and scatter,
We may not notice at first,
But we do it every day,
Another important moment fades as work comes after play,
We call each other liars and call each other fake,
And once we’ve lost a friend,
We know it was a mistake,
Keep on dreaming, don’t listen to nightmares and never fall into the hole
Only we can determine who will take the final toll.

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