The Forbidden Camps

June 6, 2012
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I will never forget,
that first night.
It was when I would get,
my first fright.
Off the clustered cattle cars (Alliteration) we came,
I knew nothing would be the same.

Step by step,
we reluctantly followed.
While others wept,
others slept.
But were they really sleeping?

Death was a release,
and for others life was only a piece.
A piece bread of course.

Was I the only one dreaming?
Or was this what it seemed to be.
It was like the whole world went blind (Personification),
like the poor old man behind me.

Why was this so?
I may never know.
Is it a child’s perception?
Or was it just plain reality.
Being guarded by soldiers of death (paradox),
any moment could be one’s last breath.

For we were mere creatures,
being held against our will.
Like prisoners,
we were cursed with guilt.

Was the sweet taste of freedom (Metonymy),
dancing on my lips?
Or was it a slim chance,
like my scrawny hips.

I asked and no one answered,
only the sound of silence.
How were we trapped,
in this type of violence?

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