My Nana

June 6, 2012

You are the warm, soft, comforting, white sand that squeaks beneath my cold, wet, salty toes, fresh from the clear, blue, salty, gulf waters that glisten in the high noon of the sun.

You are the wooden lattice gazebo covered with viney green buds that are just about to bloom in a variety of colors of pinks, blues, reds, and yellows. Inside are two children enjoying an afternoon’s peanut butter crackers and bologna with a tea set, cups filled not with tea, but rich bubbly soda.

You are the smell of hot sizzling bacon that is more red than white and thick fluffy pancakes smothered with butter, peanut butter and hot syrup served with a clear mug with the image of End Of The Trail, Indian slumped over on a horse, filled to the brim with chocolate milk.

You are the gardener that watches the seeds that you plant grow in front of your eyes. Your generous watering and fertilizer help it grow, along with your constant pruning and weeding to help it be the best it can be until it finally is old enough to bloom full of different shades of pinks and blues. You step back admire what you help create.

You are the sound of a babbling miniature waterfall hitting the ponds clear green algae water, that’s filled with orange, red, white, and black Koi fish, constantly being visited by blue jays, orioles, cardinals, mourning doves, red wing black birds, the occasional humming-bird, pesky crows, Mr. and Mrs. Duck, frogs and a squirrel or two.

You are also the sound of loud, thunderous whooping, and clapping along with a leg being kicked into the air followed by a touchdown by the Green Bay Packers, the sound of “Arrrgggs” and “Nooooos” of frustration when anyone else other than the Packers score.

You are the books that are read at night, Cat in The Hat, The Big Friendly Giant, Where’s Waldo, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, The Wide-Mouth Frog, but also the “Now I Lay me Down to Sleep” prayers. That is always followed by “good nights” and “Love yous” and the audible click of the red stained glass shaped apple night-light being turned on.

You are my one and only Nana, who is always there for me, waiting in the wings to be my support when I need it, waiting with open frail, but strong arms and a skittish but fiercely working heart that is filled with nothing but love. I love you Nana.

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