Help me

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

As I sit here starring up at the night sky,
tears start rolling down my round cheeks,
as memories flood my mind.

All the laughter
all the tears
all the crazy times
all the horrible moments

friends have come and gone
family members have passed away
through the ups and downs
true friends have stayed

one of them is you
you have held my hand and carried me in your arms
through the roughest storms
when I wanted to surrender to the dark
you pulled me back to the light.

I wish I could've said thank you for that
but it's too late isn't it?
Too late to say thank you for all the times you saved my life
thank you for the all the fun times
thank you for being the only one who loved me.

But as I sit here alone you aren't here.
Where are you?
I'm being swallowed by the darkness and no one
absolutely no one is here.
Who will save me now?

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