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June 6, 2012
By tweety47 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
tweety47 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Love is like war
Easy to start
Hard to stop
impossible to forget!!!!!
- anonymous

No one knows the pain I see
No one the way I feel
No one wants to watch us cry
No one sees the real me inside
I hide all day and cry all night
Destined to pain my whole life through
And unmeaningly clinging to you
But only the lord knows when the storm will stop
Angels fly and demons play
In my heart and in my head
I carry on the whole day through
But no anchors have I on you
I fall deeper and deeper in the darkness
Only to find my heart empty
My soul writhing in pain
My life like an empty shell
I’m never whole or filed with love
My friends come and go like toys
Loved taught fought and torn
My world my love my horn
Will never sound the cry for love or war
In this forsaken love so come with me
And call the door with a twinkle twinkle
Little knob and a cry that last all night
And frightens all the little w***es

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