Nature's Song

June 6, 2012
By Lydia Barca BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
Lydia Barca BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
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Fragile petals kiss the cheeks
Of children, humble, brave yet meek
Scent of innocence so new
Music, laughter, morning’s dew

Caution thrown out to the wind
A tickling breeze among the trees
While little feet do pitter patter
The hearts of humming birds do clamor
Rhythms nature does conduct

They venture out, rely on luck
They run fearless, stomp through roses
Don’t consider all the danger
Blooming, looming spikes could be

They climb tall trees
To their parents’ disease
Some reach the top
Others will fall

Birds learn to fly
With mothers near by
Some soar away
They could lose their way

Learn to fly
Climb a tree
Ride a bike
Cross the street

Leave the nest
Take a risk
Leap of faith
Pass the test

Danger lurks
Songs of triumphs intersperse
A prick of the finger
The skin of a knee
Prepare them to blossom
Like flowers playing with bees

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