My Best Friends; My Cat

June 6, 2012
By Lydia Barca BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
Lydia Barca BRONZE, Milton, New Hampshire
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Best friends forever
Me and my cat
I feed her cheese puffs
Her favorites in fact

Her eyes are real big
Her head is so small
She drinks from the faucet
Or no place at all

She likes to lick feet
And watches TV
Once she ate yogurt
The results were unclean

Her bowl must be full
Or she won’t go near
The face at the bottom
Fills her with fear

A bit of a chicken
Afraid of most things
She tries to catch moths
But can’t, they have wings

I bought her a sweater
She really enjoys
And a fake mouse
It’s her only toy

That’s all that she needs
She doesn’t play much
She’d much rather sleep
Or better, eat lunch

My cat hogs the bed
I really don’t mind
The sound of her snoring
Helps me unwind

We talk to each other
She does understand
Sometimes she meows
Or just licks my hand

She’s fat and I love her
And that is a fact
Together forever
Me and my cat

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