May 30, 2012
By tightheadprop BRONZE, Tunbridge Wells, Other
tightheadprop BRONZE, Tunbridge Wells, Other
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I try to make sense of this world
Like everyone else,
nothing seems to sum it up
taking a step back to look at it doesn't work
so I try to take more
but eventually I can't even see what I was looking at to start with:
those guys you always hear about in history
the ones working in fields
but it's only Marxist theory
but have we really moved on?
peasants and slaves of their debt
a wise man once said, "you've nothing to lose but your chains"
but your chains are invisible now,
made of light and sound or 1s and 0s
and the lock is far too complicated
for any of us surely to pick,
it requires the skill learnt only in old schools
but only those who can afford to attend learn there
I went to one and asked why I had to pay
they said so you learn better
"so I'm paying for better marks then?"
"No" they said, "But it's complicated, don't you worry just concentrate on coursework"
or "it’s an old tradition" or even "we must look after ourselves first"

What if Jesus existed and he treated the poor, sick fellers
would you go with him and help the good Samaritan carry the leaper?
I suspect you'll say "yes I would", so why do you leave that guy
in Charring Cross underground who has hyperthermia on xmas eve
so you can get back home and experience the xmas spirit
"when it's too cold outside for angels to fly"
but when he says
"in a pipe she flies to the motherland"
I hear you say:
"but it’s her fault for starting, she always had the choice"
but it’s your choice to help her,
like you'd help the leaper
do you know someone like that? or are you talking hypothetically?
I guess there's one golden rule in society
and like all rules, people break it
so that you can get more gold all for yourself

I wonder why, when we've got the supposed security
in food, water and shelter
we are trapped, it seems that you aren't born with the chains
you grow into them,
and the only way to be accepted by society is to be chained down
to learn is to be chained,
to drive, is to be chained,
most of the things you worry about when you’re 17 will chain you down
I'm not trying to be high and mighty, I'm letting myself get chained too
because the world's too uncertain if I don't

the only place I can seem to get away, is this wonderful
untouched creation of ours
but it could all be lost
in my country: because children can lose their innocence to it
in my brother's country
in case someone steals an idea or a name
or a trademark, isn’t that just fee advertising?
Probably not, I’m no expert but
this wild ever growing, ever evolving, invisible, all knowing,
all powerful, mostly good, invention of ours
shows a true picture of the world
not the facts, but the people
their thoughts, their opinions, their true feelings
because no one will know who you are, so they can't judge
but why, when we have this amazing creation,
do we find ourselves obsessed by cats?
those weird things which mercilessly kill, torture and maim
like I did the other day on cod

I don't know if heaven exists, I hope it does
because I'm chained now, I have one shot at this life for all I know
and I'm scared, I have a direction given to me, I'm confident
but I'm stuck, I have to do all these things,
give hours to study so that the system which hasn't worked
will be able to carry me, crush me,
melt me down and mould me into the citizen of tomorrow
so that I can do it all again for the next group of the young and free.
But will those hours have really been worth it?
When you see your life flash before your eyes
will you see a montage like rocky 6?
I do all this thinking, but at the end of the day
I can't help but slip back and murmur "I love big brother"
yeah it's a bit pretentious and a bit cliché
but stereotypes start with a grain of truth
clichés start with a boulder
I guess the best I can do is to say
"what would a person I like do?
look after themselves, or everyone?"

The author's comments:
Basically wrote this in about 15 minutes after performance of the piece 4'33" of silence and a few other bits of odd 'music'. Basically it's a thought process and a bit of an argument. Couple of quotes from Ed Sheeran just so I don't get slated for it, I don't own them.

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