The Me You Wish I Was

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

I am From...

I am from Disney & sparkles.
From dreaming for my own fairytale with a handsome Prince Charming.

I am from fingers sticky with s'mores & warm sunshine.
From the insignificant things that still light up my face with a smile.

I am from bestfriends & teammates.
From two worlds. Pulling me in two different directions.

I am from messy mascara & too much hairspray.
From wanting to fit in but still be me.

I am from “always try harder” & “always be the best.”
From parents that push for the top, but forget about the girl that they're pushing.

I am from undirected anger & self-disappointment.
From “work harder and push yourself.” Never enough.NEver being what they want.

I am From trying to make them proud & trying to be their favorite.
From trying not disappoint. Anyone. Ever

I am from trying so hard & wanting so much.
From never reaching the unattainable paradise of perfection.

I am from yesterday & today.
From tomorrow.

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