Raised on Fresh Air

June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

I am from exactly -14 acres- of wine grapes.
The sour smells of the fermenting harvest.
Nights spent planting new crop.

I am from camping trips,
waking up to the smell of pancakes.
Trips in the RV, with the awful 70’s interior.
Every glance at the RV bringing back so many memories.

I am from hours of swimming in circles,
the awful stink of chlorine, the never fading goggle marks.
Days spent swimming to the steady beat of a drum.
Kick. Kick. Kick

I am from a best friend like no other.
Staying up to all hours of the night. Eating sweet Nutella.
Terrorizing her brother by locking him in the depths of her closet.

I am from my moms home cooked meals.
Sit down dinners, filled
with stories of everyones adventures for the day.

I am from trips to work with my dad.
Adventures up snowy mountains. Right up to the peak.
Spending days taking in
million dollar views.

I am from hours of time spent playing, fighting,
and loving.
My little sister.

I am from a loving family.
A country home.
And a beautiful life.

I am from the road less traveled.
I am from the broken and narrow path.
I am from
And love.

The author's comments:
Who I am. What I am from. Where I am from.

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