May 30, 2012
By Shelby Zang BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Shelby Zang BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Poems why do they exist?
To make you rhyme
And waste your time

Reese’s Pieces

Boy with basketball shoes
Who has the blues
He wears socks/tights
And never bites
But when he fights
You will run with fright
He goes to school
And takes off those shoes
And with his hair
You’ll be so scared
Because Reese’s Pieces
Are not for your nieces
He flips his curls
For all the girls
And then he puts his shoes back- on
Because he is a big moron

Some poems rhyme
But the next time
They will try,
to make you cry

Best Friend

We went to the dog store
I took one look at a small dog
That’s it
That’s all it took
I had no friends at the time
And my mother told me she had a present
That look
It told me I now had a best friend
That would always be there for me
We would play
Run around the house
And build a fort
He was five
I went to play with him outside,
and he wasn’t anywhere in sight
I screamed,
I even barked
Nothing , Nothing
Tears came to my eyes
I cried for hours until my mother came home
Hugging is all she could do
She said,
he’s gone.
He’s in a better place.
I’m sorry
I had to put him down.”
My best friend.

R.I.P. Crispy
Love- Suzy

Or do they tell you about,
something you love?


Fashion, Fashion
So many to choose
There is Louis Vuitton,
And Betsey Johnson
Abercrombie and Fitch
They all seem to stick!
With new styles to choose
You’ll never lose
The stores are so great
But one will choose your fate
Are you classic or vintage
Retro or goth
PINK or Purple Rock
I might have to choose one
But right now the list will go on.

The endings of poems are the worst part
But don’t be afraid
Just go with you heart.

The Ending of Endings

Although I think poems are a waste of time
And worth a dime
They have an importance
Which I think is not worth it
But chill,
Take a pill
Because this big poem that you see
Has an importance to me
But for one reason no more
And this reason might help the poor
Because what I am about to tell you
Might compel you
To write a poem
Out of boredom
To bring to school
Though it might not be cool
Because this one thing might help you get an A
Because my comm. Arts teacher knows what’s best
And even put this to the test
Although I hate it
And don’t want to save it
An A is ok
But it’s not my way
I’d choose an A+,
But bye, I have to catch the bus!

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