That Guy

May 30, 2012
By Cancer2195 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Cancer2195 GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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omission is betrayal

I want that guy…

…. Whose muscular arms are covered in tatts

Who isn’t afraid to be with ONE girl

&& when he comes home, he leaves all the bulls*** where it belongs

Outside on the door matt

That guy…

… Who makes our story into a love song

Who’ll admit to mistakes and apologize when he’s wrong

And although we may not be “life-long”

That guy who’ll still try and keep our relationship strong.

I want that guy…

Who isn’t intimidated by the names of guys in my phone book,

Because he knows those other guys don’t matter….

&& when those hoes call him, he doesn’t even bother to answer

That guy whose body looks nice in anything he wears,

Catch him in some Nike sweat pants, a V-neck new Jordan’s

&& He’s a profound athlete that I can officially say has been “chosen”…

I want that Guy….

Who doesn’t need to broadcast our every fight over social networks

Because he knows they won’t last long

Even though I know sometimes I’m stubborn

I mean I know I’m far from perfect

But you don’t mind because that’s what drew you to me in the first place

The fact I don’t have all my screws

And that you thought I was a head case

But beneath all the chaos

I still walked with poise and acted with grace

Because a real lady never allows her values to be erased….

&& that guy who with every single kiss

Leaves my heart in a race

And my thoughts in complete bliss…

Yea that’s the guy…

… I want that guy

Who is willing to make every day, every hour, every minute, every second, every MOMENT

Worth WHILE.

Hey, and even if I don’t get him now, or tomorrow or even this year,

I can live with the fact that I know he’s somewhere out there.

That Guy...

....My Guy


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