I was a mistake

May 30, 2012
By KiaraPineapple BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
KiaraPineapple BRONZE, Chelsea, Massachusetts
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1) friends are forever boys are whatever
2)expect the unexpected
3)people can say your not beautiful but if you think your beautiful than your beautiful

I was a mistake
I wasn’t planned
I'm called an angle
I'm called the devils daughter
I'm evil and nice
I'm bright and dark
My dad never loved me
I was the disgrace
My mom cares a lot
I'm part of her heart
I’m the "bad girl"
I try to do my best
I'm the "Wannabe"
But yet I’m only me
I don’t desire to be anybody else
Sometimes I have dreams of why I was born
My dad says he never wanted to have me
My mom says she was so proud
When I dream
I dream I am the devil
Big red eyes
A knife in my right hand
A head in my left
The ruler of the underworld
The ruler of hell
The queen of darkness
In some other dream’s I’m an angel
A halo over my head
Big white sparkly wings
I’m in the clouds above watching over everybody
Deep down I always wonder
Does me mom just say that?
Does she really love me?
Does she really care?
My brain wonders
My heart cries out yes
Am I really a disgrace
Am I really a daughter of the devil
Or an angel of light
What is my destiny
What is my faith
Will I burn in hell or live happily in heaven
My future is in my hands
Which route will I take?
Its all up to me
Will I die a very peaceful death
Or die a very painful one
Be the daughter of the devil
Be the daughter or god
BE the very brightest star shinning in the sky?
We’ll see what the future has in store for me

The author's comments:
A true dad is always by your side and you can tell him anything.

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