A fool full of trust

May 30, 2012
By LORDOPA BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
LORDOPA BRONZE, Yelm, Washington
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A fool full of trust!
How he never learned of scoundrels I will never know.
Perhaps he ignored them.
Perhaps he forgave them.
But Ay!
If I'd ever seen such a fool!
Laughing at insults, joking at the world!
If only he knew, that not everyone meant well.
May-haps he does, an unknown hurt a sullen soul unwilling to admit he was wrong, a tragic soul-
Nah! He's a fool!
And that's why they love him, they don't even want to make fun of him anymore.
Maybe he made the good he saw in them come out! A mad genius! Blast!--- Nah!
They still talk behind his back.

A fool, only a fool, wish I was a fool.
Once I was a fool full of trust, but the lies I told myself caught up with me. The kindness I saw then was only a lie, but this kid.
Maybe he can, he really is incapable of pain.
A fool full of trust, resilient, strong.
Filled me full of hope that I was wrong-

"You were wrong, my fool full of trust."He said

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