here goes nothing

May 30, 2012
By Curious1 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
Curious1 BRONZE, Santa Ana, California
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we are lithe peacocks in our frilled skirts and leotards
gliding across the shimmering ice
skating in our own private snow globes
where it’s just you and the ice

standing on the sidelines
i feel the coaches’ gaze
those hawk-eyed jaguars in the rink
who stare and stare
then whisper in their student’s ear

my blades cut
the glitter on the rubbery rink floor
our fallen dreams
in this arena clogged by the stench of hairspray
i gasp for breath

two knives stomp toward me
i turn and see Her
scarlet curls pouncing
eyes stone
i gulp
as my chin rises in defiance of fear
my coach’s encouraging whisper
is a piano crashing on my head

i wipe the ice from my blade
feeling the sharpness slice my hand
lightning shivers up my spine
i grit my teeth and fly into the rink
here goes nothing

The author's comments:
Ice skating was part of my life for nine years.

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