May 30, 2012
By jordan4205 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
jordan4205 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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This kid came up to me this morning as I was going to my third period class. He pulled me aside in the middle of the hallway and said I need to ask you something its very important. Being myself, jokingly I told him I needed to get to third period before I’m late. I said, “What do you want now.”
He said “Its very important and I need you to do this for me. Can you leaned me 25 dollars, I need it for gas.”
I replied “Really?”
He said, “Please I will even give you 10 dollars extra.” I was thinking in my head about it for a couple of seconds and told him I will think about it, and I will let you know in fourth period English class.
He goes “Ok man, I just need 25 dollars and I will give you 35 back.” So the day went on and fourth period was about to start and I was sitting down in my desk, thinking about the money situation. So I said to myself yes I will give it to him because I will make a 10-dollar profit.
As he came in the door he said immediately, “Can you do it man?”
I said, “Yeah I can,” grabbing my wallet out of my book bag.
He said, “Can you just give me 40 bucks and I will give you 50 bucks back is that cool and I promise I will give the money back when I get it.”
“Umm ok here take it and I want my 50 dollars then.”
“Yeah man I will give it to you when I get this snake sold this girl wants it and I can sell it by this weekend.”
“Ok sounds good”, I replied. A week goes by and I ask him where my money is and he says I will give it to you then I didn’t sell the snake yet. I asked him everyday where my 50 bucks was and never got it until he got really mad and gave it to me a month later, only giving me 40 bucks because he was just kidding around when he said I will give you 50 bucks. I learned my lesson that I will never leaned money to anyone.

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