May 30, 2012
By BritishParadox SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
BritishParadox SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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And you’ll never know if they thought you were witty
And you’ll never be the same
And you’ll sit in the smokey kitchen
Cursing your own name

Pull the cigarette away from your lips
As your breath fogs up the glass
Is it normal to hate yourself so much
Is it normal to forget to ask

Do you miss her? He whispers
Do you remember the day she left
You were standing in your pinstriped suit
Dreary, dark and bereft

So you’ll run out into traffic
Headlights like watching eyes
Take one last desperate drink before
Your soul flies up to the sky

But you never believed in heaven
You never believed in God
We never believed you’d run so fast
Swallowed by darkness you were gone

Sometimes when I’m driving late at night
The pedal against the floor
I wonder if I keep on driving
Will anything exist anymore

And I’m screaming out your name to stars
Screaming for the world you held not dear
Like the cassettes stashed under my car seat
The tapes you used to hear

Fading into beautiful, gasping loneliness
As you sat up in your room
Typewriter across your stomach
And the smell of cheap perfume

Yeah she left you
And you drank all night
To forget all your despair
We’re really sorry you forgot to sleep that night

We’re sorry she forgot to care
At all

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