Mountain Air

May 29, 2012
By StaceyB BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
StaceyB BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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I miss it.
I miss the feeling.
I miss dreading to wake up in the morning
Knowing I am about to push myself
Farther than ever before.
I miss forcing myself to eat
Or should I say slurp
Oatmeal from a bag
Because I need the calories.
I miss waking up
To a view that could take anyone‘s
Breathe away.
I miss hearing the dreadful words
“Packs on everybody!!”
As we get ready to do what only
1% of people have.
I miss cuddling in the middle of the tent
Hoping not to wake up soaked the next morning.
I miss waiting 30 minutes for our stove to heat
So we can eat food that you’d only love
On a mountain.
I miss not knowing what time it is,
Its not important as long as its not wasted.
I miss being encouraged
Even when I didn’t need encouragement.
I miss moving one foot in front of the other;
Inch by inch
But feeling accomplished because I
Never stopped.
I miss walking a mile away
To make sure nobody can see me when
I pee in the forest.
I miss trusting two people I barely know
To lead me up a mountain I’ve never heard of.
I miss praising God
While sitting in the midst of
His beauty.
I miss forgetting about how I look
Or what I’m going to wear the next day.
I miss drinking water as if
There will be no more tomorrow.
I miss the feeling I had
As we grew closer and closer
To the summit.
I miss the day we confess;
It shows we all have our struggles.
I miss the words “VORTEX ON!”
Because then I know I am
Officially on Trek.
I miss the air that I can hardly breathe in
And the altitude that makes me sick.
I miss the moments I never want
To forget but know one day
I will.
I miss the feeling of wanting to give up
And the triumph because
I didn’t.
I miss my inner dolphins kicking in
Just when I need them most.
I miss looking around
And feeling so small in such
A big world.
I miss the sticky, uncomfortable
12 hour car rides because being
Together is all that mattered.
I miss the blazing sun.
I miss the pouring rain.
I miss the thrashing hail.
I miss beauty.
I miss peace.
I miss it.
I miss the feeling.
I miss the mountain.
I miss Trek.

The author's comments:
I went on a mountain climbing trip with my youth group called Trek and this is what I wrote when I came home.

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