Warrior's Angel

May 29, 2012
By Spencer Rogers SILVER, Brea, California
Spencer Rogers SILVER, Brea, California
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Standing on a hilltop stone,
The warrior cleaved apart his foes
Like leaves they fell, one by one
'til all were gone
And the battle done

His cause was just
His vision bright
To save his people
From certain plight
But in the chaos of the fight
A mighty blow the last foe did smite
He was dispatched in a fit of rage
But his wound did its work
Immobilizing like a cage

Too hurt to walk
The warrior stumbled
Down the hill
His body tumbled

Miserable and helpless,
He lay on the ground
Then he suddenly heard
A comforting sound

He looked up
Up into the eyes
Of an angel descending
Down from the skies

And with her soft voice
She did say
"You will not die here
on this day

"For your cause was just
Your vision bright
To save your people from certain plight
Though you were wounded in the fight
You will not die, you will not die"

Her hands touched his
And the wound receded
Her healing worked
She had succeeded

Then she vanished
In a flash of light
Her magic was
A wondrous sight

The warrior watched sadly as she faded away
He had fallen in love with an angel that day
An angel who came down, down from the skies
To save him from most certain plight

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