Broken Promises

May 30, 2012
By Tyler17 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Tyler17 BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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That voice is calling me again
A voice I can’t escape,
This feels like, a battle I can’t win,
I don’t know how much more I can take
It’s weighing me down, everyday I arise
To say I’m okay, id be telling you lies
On the verge of a relapse, trying to stay strong
How could something that feel so right, be so wrong?
Dying to sip out of the cup that holds something sweet
Soaring high above the clouds, then I fall into a deep sleep
Closer to death with every sip I take
One day ill fall asleep and never awake,
My body gets numb, my vision gets blurry
Looking from the outside in, it might sound scary
My speech is slurred, it’s hard to talk
My breathing is slow it’s hard to walk
It feels like breaking free is impossible,
This is more than just one of life’s obstacles
Praying god will forgive me for my sins
Because I broke my promise again.

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