I live in guitar

June 3, 2012
By Anonymous

I live in guitar

I live in guitar
Who else lives here?
I live here in guitar
I live on Classic Rock Boulevard
My dad lives on Bass Street
Do you live here in guitar?
Vibrate on my fingers like church bell tolling
Chords run through my body
Cool like a chill running down your spine
Warm like walking into a heated room
From a chilly world outside
I have guitar strings where others have hair
And frets on my neck like a guitar
I climb through a guitar like someone
Else climbing a ladder
I live in guitar

Live in it

Breathe it
I could even taste it
Weave riffs into the air
Songs float
filled with melodies and chords
You could make a sea where the ground is &
Submerge yourself

Submerge yourself in guitar

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