I Remember...

May 29, 2012
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And I remember the words like they were spoken yesterday. I will never hurt you again.
I cried that same night because my heart was broken and I regretted letting him in.
I replaced my feelings with shields, because I no longer wanted to hurt.
I deserved more than an asshole as a boyfriend, so I treated him also like dirt.
Night and day soon became lonely; I desired his warm arms around my waist.
But until things got back to normal, my desires I had to erase. The tears I cried stung and my head soon started to ach.
The thought of my past back in my life would take some time to embrace.
I challenged myself for the better, because negativity soon would bring me down.
I missed all the elements of a relationship and missed him being around.
I cried myself to sleep at night, the pain strikes left to right.
To lose your lover and your friend, it’s as if you’ve lost the fight.
I had to pull myself together; I could never let him see me down.
Around him a smile filled my face, and when he left out came my frown.
My day consisted of different mood swings, I was happy then I was sad.
Often I got angry, and often I was mad.
Maybe things would get better, I needed faith and hope.
My angel, my guidance, and shield, really worked as rope.
I tied myself to my chair there was really no running this time.
I became a better person because better I had in mind.
I remember the words you spoke to me, so innocent they were love.
Both gentle and so sweet to me, protected me more than a glove, it was love. I remember…

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Meka100 said...
Jun. 12, 2012 at 9:55 pm
Oh I love this!! And when the writer actually goes threw the things they write down; I can feel the emotion even deeper.Thank You are really good! Keep writting!!
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