Response to "Welcome to america"

May 29, 2012
By Roguejakex SILVER, Rootstown, Ohio
Roguejakex SILVER, Rootstown, Ohio
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Flaws there are. Flaws There will be. Its not perfect it never will be.

Life is pain, Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Why Don't we Change Ourselves?

First..and last.

Rather than Change everyone else?

Because when everyone changes themselves

Well Everyone is Changed Are they not?

Most people, Wont Understand...or they don't want to.

And they Cling To The Things Of Mice And Men

And Nature

And Society

... Lets Just Forget about it...Forget about it all...

And then...we all move on.

By the way...

Welcome To America

The only place You can say all these things.

The author's comments:
Welcome To America...Wants To stop hate yet more or less throws it everywhere.

I don't get it anymore.

Its Puzzeling

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