May 29, 2012
By jleticiao143 BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
jleticiao143 BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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Poem, come to me, splash your words across my page,
on the mud and grass someone

calls home.
Shadows to light, is there
hope? Poem...I think I can see you.

I climb the ladder bended
with light,

or shadows.

Where are you poem, come enlighten my thoughts tonight.

Go through the door, which I can't see, nevermore. The shadows are sucking the light.

Poem, poem, here you are, but can you save the rest of us all?

The author's comments:
I wrote this in my English class 3-4 years ago It was the first poem I've ever written. I was assigned to write a poem about a picture, and my picture was of a mud house somewhere in Arizona I think. And a poem shined on me! This is the original copy with no edits of verses or anything. I wrote this with no erase marks on it, which truly made it amazing that inspiration of 1 simple picture resulted into a poem!

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