May 29, 2012
The moments we had are gone,

The days have Passed.

But theres never a day that

you dont enter my mind.

It's weird the last time

I saw you, you looked amazing.

Than about 1 month later

I get told that your gone.

You were a happy person.

So outgoing and fun.

You never saw the bad in

People only the good.

Everytime we were together,

All we did was laugh.

You made me so happy.

Like everything felt so safe.

My bestfriend reminds me alot

Of you.

So smart, funny and nice.

So what went wrong?

Why did you go ?

What happened.

You were so young.

With so much life ahead of you.

You made everyone smile ya know.

We all still do.

We look back at the good times,

That we had with you.

Your Smile brightened my day.

Your laugh made me feel sane.

I miss you.

But im gonna go nd type more poems

About you. And how you gone

But just remember i love youu!

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