A Voice

May 29, 2012
How blind was I
Not to see
His lies, tricks
And treachery

Paranoia of cheating
Haunted his mind
I gave him no reason to
That I could find

His angry words
Bit and scorched like fire
How was I to know
That HE was the liar

Crocodile tears filled
Those handsome blue eyes
Seemed real, the hurt and pain
But were just a clever disguise

How could I speak out against
One who was already broken
So words full of anger,
Hurt and spite I left unspoken

My voice, was it lost?
I could no longer speak
But now I’ve come to realize
I was weak

I won’t stand up
For what I should say
I let him walk
All over me, every day

The time for silence
Is no longer now
The verbal abuse and hatred
I will no longer allow

He has to know
I DO have a voice
He will listen
There is no choice

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