May 29, 2012
Silence of the rising sun
Awe filled sights of forgotten ranges
A drop or water hurling towards the earth
Soft waves lapping cool stone
Lush fields of life blooming untamed
Wild flowers bursting forth
Stretching to the sun
Grains of sand smoothing stones
Rivers straining on the earth
Breath taking mountaintops
Hushed valleys trickling streams
Patter of hummingbird wings
Wind soaring high through the land
Dancing and swaying with the fabric of life
The trickle of nectar
Down the cool brisk flower stem
A tall canopy raging war o'er the sun
Deep hues and hidden crevices amid the sky
Clouds rippling forms standing high above the world
Thousands of colors bursting forth
Beauty in nature everywhere
Quiet forgotten nights and bustling crowds
Pristine waters meek deep love
And then of course there's you...

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