Death of a girl

May 29, 2012
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He watched her die rite in his arms,
Right in front of him.
Her last breath,
Her words,
Her last time seeing her world.
He hated the fact that he could not do anything,
But sit there.
His tears hit her face,
Be at a time.
It was kinda like a rain storm.
Because the hate and anger made it seem as if there were lightning in his eyes,
And clouds were blocking his mind form thinking straight.
More tears came from his beat red eyes.
His breathing was heavy,
And now he was sobbing.
His little girl,
He was so pose to go before she went.
He was there when she was born,
He helped to give life to her.
He taught her to talk,
He taught her how to change transmission fuel in her car,
He taught her how to drive her car.
She was the one who gave him his gray hairs,
Or at least he told her.
He was there for her when everything did not go the way she planed.
He was so proud of her,
She accomplished so much in her short life.
She had a live,
She was a somebody.
Now he feels like a nobody.
Because now he is alone.
His wife died four years ago.
And his daughter is now dead.
There is not a reason for why she died,
Just life.
But why was her life taken?
She did nothing.
He did nothing.
So why was he being punished?
What did he do
Funeral day,
All black,
Her least favorite color.
She liked bright colors.
Colors that involved
Those were her least favorite things.
Everyone said why she was her favorite child in the neighborhood
Now there is no one to favor
At least she will be in every ones memories.
The days after her death was the worst,
Not just for him but for everyone else.
Her joyfulness will never be experienced again.
Some people try to forget her,
For memory is one of the worst things that people have.
They think that if they forget her then she will disappear from existence,
Sadly for them she will never disappear.
For her grave lies near a small broke accessible to many people.
She said that is she did not want to be cremated because she thought that being spread so then people all over the world could breathe her in and get every where would be selfish.
So she settled with being put in a coffin,
She still did not like the fact that she was trapped but she dealt with it.

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