Wake Up ; Make A Change

May 29, 2012
By ChandlerPowell PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
ChandlerPowell PLATINUM, Sarasota, Florida
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Love is Greater, than the Pressure to be Perfect.
What People Say ; Doesn't Define Who I Am.
I I'm A Boomerang, Doesn't Matter How You Throw Me, Turn Around And I'm Back In The Game, Even Better Then The Old Me

Wake up
Look around
What do you see?
Fences that separate
Litter that dissipates
Buildings run down
Wake up
Look around
What do you hear?
Children crying
Men dying
Woman working
Wake Up
Look around
What do you want?
In this world
Made for right
In this world
Doing wrong
Wake up
Look around
Don’t wait for someone to stand up
Get up
Speak up
By then it might be too late
Wake up
Look around
What will you do to make a change?

The author's comments:
Wake UP ; Make a CHANGE

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