Death Approaching

May 25, 2012
By Smalzy14 BRONZE, Mount Holly, Vermont
Smalzy14 BRONZE, Mount Holly, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
As long as I'm alive I'll keep my head held high, because I'm strong in body and smart in mind.

Music is the voice of the heart

Where words fail music speaks.

Worry ends where faith begins

I want to die
I don’t see the point in staying alive
What is the purpose of life?
Why do I always live with so many struggles?
I can’t keep living life this.
Day after day
Stress after more stress
Just watching my life fade away
You probably think I’m a drama queen
But you don’t know, you haven’t been there
You haven’t seen what I see
My legs shake my hands tremble
I walk back and forth my room eyes searching around
Hair on my arms stick straight up
The air is warm but I am cold
Shivering and biting my lip
My heart is pumping so hard
I want to rip it out
It hurts
The lies
No one cares
Not anymore
No point
I’m done
Death is approaching
Im not scared
It’s going to happen sometime
It will happen to calmly
So quietly
No one will know
Maybe never
Only if I had someone to talk to
But hated now
Hated forever
Let me lay down
And sleep

The author's comments:
Awhile ago I had hated my life and had written this, I no longer feel like this, but i once did.

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